Mediterranean Diet For Plan Weight Loss-Cookbook

Mediterranean Diet For Plan Weight Loss-Cookbook

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1. Avoids Processed Foods and Sugar
2. You Will Lose Weight in a Healthy Way
3. It Significantly Improves the Health of Your Heart
4. It’s Known to Help Fight Cancer
5. It Helps Prevent and Can Even Treat Diabetes
6. Protects Your Cognitive Health
7. Helps Relieve Stress
Follow These Tips for Success
Learn to Depend on More Than Willpower
Build a Foundation for Success
Realistic Goals Are Essential
Learn Portion Control
Start Picturing Your Future Self
You Must Be Willing to Put in the Work
Chapter 1
Some Myths Surrounding the Mediterranean Diet
Myth #1: Following This Diet is Expensive
Myth #2: The More Wine I Consume, The Healthier it Is
Myth #3: Eating Large Bowls of Bread or Pasta is Okay
Myth #4: It’s Only About the Food
How to Change to the Mediterranean Diet
Chapter 2
Some of the Basics
Avoid These Foods at All Costs
Mediterranean Diet Approved Foods
Some Important Notes About Food

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