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** The DMP Story begins on Interstate 95 right outside of Savannah, Georgia at about 2 A.M. My wife and I were traveling south to visit family in Florida while also trying to avoid a pandemic you may have heard of, COVID-19, that was beginning to get out of control in our home state of New Jersey. It was on this drive that my wife and I couldn’t help but discuss how much COVID-19 was starting to impact, not just our lives, but lives and livelihoods of people from all over the world. My wife and I both being teachers were already having to make the adjustment to teach virtually due to the pandemic and we couldn’t help but worry what was to come next. Would we still have jobs by the end of this school year? How are we going to survive with no income and three kids? How are we going to feed our family? The questions just kept coming and it is then when we realized, we needed to come up with a solution NOW; We needed to be proactive. So with a perfect combination of: limited sleep, coffee, energy drinks, love for our family, the concern of other families, and lots of ridiculous solutions, we finally came up with the idea for The Digital Market Place. We decided that we wanted to create a platform that was not only going to be beneficial to us, but help out our friends, family, and everybody else in the world who were in the same boat. So, the mom who now has to stay at home to educate her three kids would still be able to make an income based off of the products she was able to create during nap time; or the man who lost his job due to cutbacks but has multiple DIY blueprints from projects he has done himself can still make some money to support himself in the meantime, or the personal trainer whose gym closed down due to the pandemic would be able to sell their amazing health & fitness guides that they have created over the years. The list could go on-and-on, but the result is always the same, this would be a way to make extra income, or even a living, to anyone in the world.

So, where do we go from here… scroll down to see our Vision of how we hope The DMP can help out as many people as possible worldwide.

Our Vision

Our vision for our platform is to have as many people across the world to have the opportunity and availability to be able to share resources with one another. This allows small businesses and individuals to support themselves, not only during a pandemic, but also in the future with whatever else life may throw at us.

At The Digital Market Place we strive for an easy and fun platform for our customers and vendors to connect with one another. We want nothing more than this website to be a tool for people and businesses worldwide to connect with one another and become a part of the Digital Market Place family.

Why The Digital Market Place

  • Open and available to everyone and anyone
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Loyalty to our Customers & Vendors
  • Supports Individuals + Small Businesses
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • No waiting – Digital Products received Instantaneously*

*Orders should always be able to be downloaded right after purchase, unless it is a custom order.

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